1990 35th Anniversary Thunderbird Registry

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The members are in order of serial number although the VIN's are not shown. The numbers to the left are simply for reference. This list does not necessarily include those cars known by the Registry to be out of service. Information will be kept private unless a member advises me otherwise. This is for their privacy. I try to keep the information presented here as accuate as possible. When a car changes owners, it's up to the buyer or seller to advise the Registry of the change in ownership.
If you are registered and would like any changes in your information, just email me at

35th Anniversary Thunderbird Registry Members
Trans codes : T = Auto, 2 = 5 speed.
Name Location Trans Vehicle Information Website
  1. Patrick Agostini,
    Switzerland T Options: Keyless entry, auto dimmer.
    Mods: Cold air intake filter.
  2. William Karnes,
    VA T Options:
    Mods: Air Silencer removed, 10% pulley.
  3. Richard and Cheri Wilson
    Morinville, Alberta
    Canada T    
  4. Private IN T    
  5. Private IN      
  6. Randy True
    WY T
  7. Private TN T    
  8. John Kendall,
    Alexander City
    AL T Options: Moonroof, keyless entry, auto dimmer.
    Mods: Cobra 360 radar,Premium sound w/ Sony 10 disk changer,Sony 2 channel amp,12 inch woofer on 1 inch plexiglass behind rear seat,Cobra wing w/ LED,SVT emblem on trunk,"SC-supercharged" emblems on rear quarters,35th blue bumper lettering,alarm system,35th emblem on dash over glove box,Mobil one fluids,Michelin Z rated tires,cell phone,tint all around,K&N filter.
  9. Private IA T    
  10. Dan DeKorte OR T Options: Keyless entry, auto dimmer.
    Mods: K&N filter, ported heads,new HGs, Magnacor wires,Platinum plugs,5% pulley,190lph fule pump,rebuilt AOD w shift kit.
  11. Private NY T    
  12. Wayne McEntire,
    San Leandro
    CA 2 Options: Keyless entry.
    Mods: Lincoln 4.6 l dohc 32 valve, converted the abs brakes over to the newer style (like a 94 tbird), changed from manual to automatic, 3.45 rear ratio .
  13. Allan Hibbs,
    Newport News
    VA T    
  14. Private SC 2    
  15. Private FL T    
  16. Jason Koontz,
    WA T Options: Moonroof, keyless entry, auto dimmer.
    Mods: None.
  17. Linda P.
    IN T Options: Moonroof, keyless entry.
    Mods: Tinted Windows, Blackout headlight &Taillight covers
    , 16in American Racing rims .
  18. Private IN 2    
  19. Private OK 2    
  20. Bonnie McSorley,
    TX T Options: Auto Dimmer.
    Mods: None
  21. Private        
  22. Mike Puckett
    GA T Options: Moonroof, keyless entry, auto dimmer,JBL,pwr ant.
    Mods: Flowmaster exhaust, Motorcraft 70mm MAF.
  23. Private CA T    
  24. Private VA 2    
  25. Don Looney
    VA T Options:
    Mods: 10%onSC, underdrives on engine, raised top,flowmasters,2in to 2 1/2in exh, roller rockers, eec tuner, 76mm TB, heads ported and flowed, 100hp NOS system, lowered 1 1/2", 3.55 gears with drag radials