1990 35th Anniversary Thunderbird Registry

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The members are in order of serial number although the VIN's are not shown. The numbers to the left are simply for reference. This list does not necessarily include those cars known by the Registry to be out of service. Information will be kept private unless a member advises me otherwise. This is for their privacy. I try to keep the information presented here as accuate as possible. When a car changes owners, it's up to the buyer or seller to advise the Registry of the change in ownership.
If you are registered and would like any changes in your information, just email me at

35th Anniversary Thunderbird Registry Members
Trans codes : T = Auto, 2 = 5 speed.
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  1. Doug McMillin,
    OH T Options: Moonroof.
    Mods:Reworked 91 engine installed 8/02, heads remachined 3 angle valve job, Felpro gaskets, ARP head studs, 38psi injectors, C&L 73mmMaf, Kooks ceramic coated headers, SCP High-Flow Catback exhaust system, modified chrome exhaust tips, Magnacore wires, removed air silencer, K&N filter, rebuilt trans w/ Trans-Go Aod HP shift kit, cross drilled Black Cadmium rotors (front & rear) w/ KVR pads, window tint 35% doors/20% rears, Dual amber/white 55w Halogen fogs, GTO headlamp covers, Cobra rear wing.
  2. Clayton Gregson,
    Lake Waccamaw
    NC T Options: Moonroof, keyless entry, auto dimmer.
    Mods:Blue bumper lettering, ground effects, Electroplate scrolling message center.
  3. Private CA T    
  4. Richard Jones,
    FL T Options: Moonroof, keyless entry, auto dimmer.
    Mods:Complete rebuild from ground up. New Carpet, New paint, Sony CDX-730 Stereo, Sony 6 CD Changer in trunk, new window motors, silencer removed, K&N filter, ABS replaced. Planned would include: Replacement interior, Cervinis Hood, Spoiler, 17" Chrome Cobra R wheels and new tires, Headers, Big exhaust, Transmission, every bushing and grommet under the car. And the list goes on.....
  5. Private MI T    
  6. Private AZ T