1990 35th Anniversary Thunderbird Registry

90 JBL Radio and CD Repair

My thanks to Paul Protos for his services for SC owners.

I repair / recondition both CD Players and Radios as a hobby I enjoy and as a way of paying for my childrens' schooling. I am not an official bussiness. Just trying to help out fellow Ford owners keep their special vehicles stock and like new again. There are virtually no repair shops in the country that will touch these things anymore and the one that I know of wants up to $200 ea to repair radios and CD Players. Trouble is that they only replace what is currently bad and not everything that could go bad in the future. So they don't last too long before they start to exhibit other symptoms. Finding one that still works like new is an extremely rare find.

Right now, I only repair the '89-'93 CD Players and Radios found in T-Birds and other vehicles for a flat rate of $95 to go through the whole thing or $160 to go through two. (I got tired of buying defective units on eBay to replace the one in my '90 Super Coupe so I decided to repair them myself!) You pay for shipping to me, I pay for US Postal Priority Insured shipping back to you. I do require Money Order, Cashier's Check, or Personal Check to be shipped with the Units but will not cash them until I hear back from you that you are 100% satisfied with my work. I take a lot of pride in what I do and if you should experience any issues WHATSOEVER, I will take care of you IMMEDIATELY totally at my cost...even all return shipping to me. (I have only had 1 out of over 100 that I had to go over again)

On CD Players, I would be replacing all bad and "sub-standard" components in the power supply module and on the main board that Sony put in, replace all of the panel lamps, re-glue the face plate mask down (If needed), replace the transport drive gear (If needed), replace the Laser Pick-Up (if needed), and adjust Laser tracking and focus controls to play the widest array of CD-Rs possible. (Of course it would play ALL commercial, store bought CDs)

On the Radios, I replace components on the main board, pre-amp/tone control board and in the tuner. I'll replace the cassette mechanism if needed (or adjust head azimuth clean and de-mag for best high frequency response) and the front panel if needed (or re-coat the button switch contacts with a new rubberized conductive coating that won't flake off like the original coating), and also retune the AM and FM sections for best reception.

I test them both at the temperature extremes of 20 -120 degrees F to simulate extreme conditions in your car. (Oh, and clean & lubricate them too.) I then guarantee them for 6 months. Basically, I would repair whatever needs repair and upgrade all faulty components with ones that are better than the originals.

I can also convert a radio that was a not designed to interface with the factory slave CD Player to be able to interface with one.  Ford produced basically two different types of these radios, one that will interface with a CD Player, and one that will not.  So, if you'd like to add a Factory CD Player but your radio won't allow that, I can modify the circuitry so that it will just like one from the factory.

More and more I'm finding out from others that no one wants to touch these things any more. They can't get replacement Power Supplies or boards or other parts from Sony or Ford any longer. It's all been obsoleted. I don't swap-out the electronics with other old boards that are still prone to failure...I repair it and I have found alternate sources for other parts such as gears that have a tendency to split with age.

I have repaired over 100 CD Players and Radios to date and 90% of them fail due to leaking electrolytic capacitors. When working correctly, these Premium Sound / JBL systems sound pretty awesome.

As a seller, I have sold a total of about 20 repaired units. I have reconditioned the remaining 80+ for other people who have found out about me through eBay, TCCOA, or SCCOA, or word-of-mouth from other satisfied customers.

Just let me know if interested at


Paul Protos (TwoTimeSC)

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