1990 35th Anniversary Thunderbird Registry

35th Anniversary Build Tags

The following information is as accurate as current Registry information suggests.
My sincerest thanks to all who have volunteered information to help.
1 xxxx           B64SC              xxxxxx XXXX - bay or assembly stall #)
B - (unknown.)
64SC - Body style 64, SC - super coupe
XXXXXX - the last 6 digits of the VIN
2   M                                          1R M - (Unknown. )
1R - unknown
3                               KE KE - ("keyless entry". The registered cars without keyless entry don't have "KE" here or the "KEY" in line 5.)
4 VJ                 LH   xxxx     xx VJ - V for suede insert, J for ebony trim
LH - L for 90, H for Loraine(where all tbirds were built)
XXXX - this is the build date in 1990 of the cars. )
XX - (This is the DSO of the cars.)
5 MOON       KEY                      35TH MOON - moonroof (If so equipped.)
KEY - keyless entry (If so equipped.)
35TH - indicating the 35th anniversary model
6    xRx    DIM       T5                0K50x x - unknown (Some cars have a Y or a 7 here.)
R - unknown (So far all cars have this.)
x - Transmission type. (T for automatic, 2 for 5 speed.)
DIM - Automatic headlight dimmer (If so equipped.)
T5 - unknown (So far all 35th's registered have this.)
0K50x - (Unknown. An 89 SC had 9K503 here so the first digit may be the year, 9 for 89, 0 for 90, etc.So far, 35ths have 503 or 506)